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Jonathan's Balloons

at the Light Closet

And Lamp Repair too?

Well, We are the Light Closet


That's actually how we got our start over 20 years ago...


Repairing Lamps. Doing Stained Glass. In between lamp projects and stained glass commissions, someone in our family thought of the colorful idea that selling balloons might be a nice way to

cover the "down time" between projects. Needless to say after 20 years, our "down time"

is a distant memory, but we still get a kick out of fixing people's lamps!


In a day when it's often easier to throw out a good lamp, The Light Closet subscribes to the philosophy that repair and reuse of perfectly functional household items like lamps is something we should all get behind. Why throw out a great family heirloom that still has a number of

good years ahead of it just because we can't find a way to fix an aging wire

that's shorted out, to replace a lamp switch, or renew an old cracked housing?


Here's what one of our lamp customers wrote us about our repair business...


"In terms of 'The Light Closet' part of the business ... Jonathan once repaired the wiring on an antique lamp for us in a matter of minutes. There was a short in the wire and a faulty switch.

We couldn't believe it only cost $10 for these expert repairs." - Faith K.


Family heirloom lamp before repair

Family heirloom

lamp after repair

Jonathan's Balloons at the Light Closet

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